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Year in Review?

At the end of every year, chapter, season, it's often encouraged to take note of everything that already happened and review what could have been different. Albeit I wholeheartedly agree with taking assessment of situations (I can't help the Lean Six Sigma in me), I also embrace the power of the present.

How often do we allow ourselves to get caught up in past transgressions in hoping for a different outcome that we completely forget to look at our current situation with a sense of acceptance? And in this moment of acceptance, our stress and anxiety seem to take a back seat?

As we approach the end of this year, why dwell an extended period on "re" anything. Review. Refocus. Restart. Refresh. All of these words and terms of encouragement also carry another side of looking backwards and that's now the energy we want to carry into a new wave of opportunities. We want to these opportunities to be as forward thinking and futuristic as possible. By attaching a "re" term into our future aspirations, we subconsciously apply a tether to it.

This end of year, I challenge you to remove all thoughts and practices that are often tied to a "re" word and drop the "re" part entirely. Watch how your attitude, tone, and mindset will shift. Try it.

Revisit } Visit. You always wanted to visit that place on your list? Make space and time for it.

Refocus } Focus. Take the tools and data you have in front of you and focus forward.

Restart } Start. As Nike says, Just Do It (already!).

Refresh } Fresh. Have a fresh outlook. A fresh mindset. A fresh perspective to finally accomplish it.

Make the "re" silent and amplify the action. In life like in business, you are the protagonist of your own story. So be ready, set, and act!

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