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What You Have To Offer

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

This year's Women Business Leaders Conference was yet another place and space to embrace. Embrace you. Embrace your potential. Embrace your future.

The theme for this year's panel and closing remarks, "Stronger Together," was shaped around the topics of identity of support, identify within your circles, and identity of success. Many wonderful nuggets of wisdom were offered during this year's conference. And yours truly, who moderated the panel, captured them below. Revisit this post when you need reminders of what you have to offer to yourself and to others.

Our Panelists

Ilhiaina Rojas Saldana, CPC, CDVC

BeLIVE Coaching and Consulting

Joan Wallace-Benjamin, PHD

Author, "Leading A Life In Balance"

Golden Nuggets in Declaring Your Worth

"A single bracelet does not jingle."

"Working in environments where we feel respected as individuals based on our background, back on our identities, based on our lived experiences, based on our beliefs, based on who we are starting to be more valued."

"Women are able to stand out. To step up. Able to participate...and are able to do that pretty well."

"A solitary route is not what a leader needs. Think broadly of who [your] supporters are. Everybody in your life can be a mentor. A supporter. Don't be narrow in who you can include."

"It's not MY success. It's OUR success."

"If I have the invitation to enter the room. Then I belong there. I am not an imposter."

"Imposter Syndrome directs our view towards fixing women at work instead of fixing places where women work."

"If you are a woman that has ascended to certain position to support other women, it is your responsibility and duty to do so."

"Success needs to be broadly defined. Think of what principles of leadership you can use both at work and at home."

"Success to me is moving forward."

In business like in life, we have to often look inward in order to present our best selves outward.