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Many an email subject lines will begin with the two letters R and E but so do many of the words that comprise our vocabulary. And somehow during this season, they seem to increase in popularity of use.

It seems this month is about the return to something. Or review. Or to retrospect. Or...RE.

There seems to be a popular them of "re-" words during this time and I realize it makes sense. We've returned to warmer temperatures, mostly, don't speak of it to our Northern friends. We celebrated the resurrection. We relished in the blossoming of new blooms. Speaking of, we remind ourselves with a series of "re" words in reducing our impact: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our choice of "re" words can be telling of so many facets: a feeling, an event, an expression, a call-to-action. In life as in business, it is always good practice to reaffirm someone's investment of their time or presence by extending them an invitation to revisit their experience. We can reframe this statement by renaming it a call-to-action, which simply is an invite to engage.

resource | reference | reassure | replace | remedy | replay | revisit | recollection | remind | reverse | redo | reward | reinvent | reimagine | redemption | reconnect

A choice of "re" word in any given moment can either do one of two things: 1) fuel the spark that motivates to remain steadfast or 2) force them to regress.

Regardless of which "re" word you decide to define your experience in the moment, how will you allow it to reshape your thinking moving forward? What kind of reassurances will you gather for yourself so you inch yourself closer to continued success?

Maybe then, you can revise the reimagined world you created for yourself and your business.

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