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Ten Lessons The Tokyo Olympics Teaches Us About Entrepreneurship

Every four years, athletes from around the world ready for the global stage to display their competitive prowess. Some win. Some fail. But all have clawed through years of dedicated fitness goals to get their fair shake at the emblem of ultimate dominance: the coveted championship medal.

In entrepreneurship, stories often echo a similar competitive spirit of strife to success, disappointment to dominance, risk to reward. Entrepreneurs may not share the athleticism of Olympic athletes but they do share characteristics of mental focus, flexibility, trials, commitment, and perseverance.

This year's 2020 Tokyo Olympics, held in 2021 after a yearlong delay, already provided poignant reminders of how follow-through and determination can foster victory, in sports or business. Here are the Top Ten Lessons learned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics thus far:

1. Olympic Moment: 17-Year-Old Lydia Jacoby's Stunning Gold Medal Win

Photo Credit: Rob Shumacher, USA Today Entrepreneurship Lesson: Don't rule out a potential unicorn in your business if it's a new vendor, supplier, client, etc. Sometimes the newbies can change the course of your business trajectory.

2. Olympic Moment: US Mens Swim 4x100 Freestyle Relay Continue Category Dominance

Photo Credit: Reuters

Entrepreneurship Lesson: Assembling the right team can be the difference between success or status quo. Even if you're a solopreneur, you can assemble a team of experts and specialists that will help guide, and anchor, you towards success.

3. Olympic Moment: British Diver Tom Daley Wins Gold That He Visualized For Years

Photo Credit: The Advocate

Entrepreneurship Lesson: Visualization is a powerful tool in goal-setting and ultimately, achieving your goals. Also, the added of combination patience and consistency in your visualizations can lead to golden results.

4. Olympic Moment: Australian Coach Dean Boxall's Victory Celebration Goes Viral

Photo Credit: USA Today

Entrepreneurial Lesson: Celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small. Share your celebrations with your fans, teams, and community--they can be the best, and most entertaining, cheerleaders.

5. Olympic Moment: Noami Osaka Defeated and Simone Biles Withdraws in Stunner News

Photo Credit: New York Times

Entrepreneurial Lesson: Take a moment to center yourself. Growing a business can be weighing and consuming; especially, when you have stakeholders deeply invested in your success. It's essential to evaluate how you are balancing life with your success journey.

6. Olympic Moment: Japanese Boxer Arisa Tsubata Stars In Opening Ceremony When Olympic Dreams Dashed