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Surf's Up! Making Your Own Waves

It's July. We've now tipped the balance of the year. If studying the anatomy of a wave (below), this is what they would call the "through" part. You may feel you've crested for the year and it seems downhill from here. But think not. You are merely waving through to form your next wave.

When we're in the "through" stage of the year, it' when you start collecting sediments, churning new ideas, building momentum. This isn't a time of stillness or apathy. It may appear so on the surface but underneath is an undercurrent of productivity fueled by your ambition. The slow movements happening at this time accumulate into a steady and forceful wave of action.

If you notice in the diagram, the space between the "crest," or top of the wave and steady waters is called "amplitude." When things are going well, we exist at a steady pace or in calm waters. And when things are cresting, we feel elated like we're "riding on a high." Yet, we know crests are temporary and that we eventually return to calm waters.

The time between is when we focus inward and act outward. It's when we apply ourselves. This is when amplification of our current experiences meets our determination. Just like a wave determined to crash into the shore, you hone in on your goals.

In business as in life, you experience different hills & valleys, trials & wins, highs & lows, and now you can add to the list crests & throughs. The question is how will you amplify yourself in building your next wave?

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