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It's SLAYday today

Many things happened this first week of August. We celebrate the start of National Black Business Month. Beyonce dropped her latest album. We begin to feel tingles of autumn.

Time for a new season = Time for a renewed mindset.

I came across this hilarious, yet inspirational, reminder on social media this week. It's a way to remind yourself to keep moving, push forward, advance onward, make your obstacles your opportunities. In essence, it reminds us to slay.

Slay is simply more than a word. It is an attitude. It is a way of doing; of being. It's an approach. It's a mindset. And this mindset you can take with you everyday of the week.








Formally, it means something completely different from the popular informal, slang use. If you're unfamiliar with that catchy term, here's a few definitions from around the interwebs:

Urban Dictionary

this word means to to something and do it well.


greatly impress or amuse (someone).


to delight or amuse immensely.

So now that you have a few options as to what it means to slay, how will you choose to slay your project, idea, hour, week, month, year? In life as in business, we have to continue to be intentional with our time because it's still just another life source we can't ever get back once it's used up. As you approach your day, ask yourself, "How will I slay, today?"


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