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Mirror, Mirror

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?"

As a young girl, this phrase was touted as the go-to confidence boosting mantra. Promised in the fairytale, once repeated into a reflective surface it would transform you from a dawdy damsel in distress into a super confident, fierce female ready to take action.

But does this mantra live up to its promise? Are we only seeking to be the fairest? Are we only trying to ascend the thrown in a concerted effort to eclipse them all?

Not always so, if history were to show you. And we've got the herstories receipts to show.

Hatshepsut. Often overshadowed by the other Egyptian goddess, Cleopatra, Hetupsut was a formidable female leader. She built Egypt, literally, into the one of the most engineered and architecture wonders of the world. Her legacy was erased from history but she still formidably lives on, just like her buildings.

Her Mirror, Mirror Mantra: Which of my buildings does standest tall?

Claudette Colvin. Often overshadowed by the other civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, Claudette was the original spark that ignited an equal rights movement touching every corner of the globe. The Montgomery teen refused to move from her bus seat and having seen the story, inspired Parks to repeat Claudette's actions now known as the moment in historical defiance.

Her Mirror, Mirror Mantra: What can I do for fairness of us all?

Just like in the fairytale, some woman will overshadow others and some will need reminders. But unlike the tale, all women are the fairest of all because all women have a story to tell. As we celebrate Women's History Month this year, what will be your mantra?

"I'm a Boss Lady with BLE (Boss Lady Energy)."

"We Run The World. Beyonce knew it. I know it."

"Self-Behaved Women Seldom Make History." (updated: Herstory)

"Nevertheless We Persisted."

In life like in business, sometimes you have to consider the outcomes before you hedge your plans and take a step out on determined faith. It helps to have a Mirror, Mirror Mantra ready.

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