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May I Have This Dance?

I started taking salsa dance lessons for fun. I hadn't done them in years but felt a new need to express my creativity elsewhere. The dance classes have been steady and not too challenging except for one point - "let him lead." This phrase is repeated in just about every class. I can't seem to shake...not leading.

So how do you follow when all fibers in you're being are steering you in a certain direction?

In life like in business, we often try to force our will upon a situation. We know we're capable. We know we're strengthened in subject expertise. We carry the mantra of "I got this." And in these situations when we're forced to step back for a moment and allow the direction to come from something (or someone, in my case) than ourselves, we'll realize that our steps fall much easier into place. There's a smoothness and suave to overcoming the obstacle.

We may sometimes struggle in releasing direction to others as entrepreneurs, as bosses, as leaders, ourselves. But in business like in life, when we force our direction on others in a business setting it will quickly result on stepping on one another's toes and ruining the routine of progress.

Parallels I drew from my relinquished dominance dance included:

- Posture yourself correctly. When you position yourself correctly from the start, it's easier to ebb and flow with turns as they arise.

- Proper placement. When you ground yourself in the right way, it's easier to balance and lean upon another person if you find yourself imbalanced.

- Trust the direction. When you allow the decision to be made by another capable person, you'll find the ease of acceptance carries a much lighter weight than that of resistance.

So the next time you step up for your project or program with others, recall the dance principles I learned that shared strength balances more than single dominance.

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