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Time for a new roadmap. No, not a cross-country roadmap. As fun as this would be to explore at the current moment. We’re talking about a roadmap across your body. Similar to travel road maps, your body offers a visual guide to explore its regions as well. its current, former, and future state.

Within our body we store many kinds of emotions. The collective of these emotions are stored within various parts of the body. On a map, different regions regularly experience repeated climates and our bodies produce similar hotspots based on the emotions we’re experiencing.

In life as in business, consider what roadmap you’re creating for yourself and how it’s affecting your immediate environment. Imagine how a sunny climate affects the spirit compared to a climate that was always cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms?

This is not to say having a sunshine perspective is a must. There will be clouds in your rainbows but it's how quickly those clouds dissipate that matters. The mindset you choose to have is the most important part in all this.

However, if you find yourself in a gloomy state be it anxiety, fear, or anger there are some quick methods you can do to reintroduce a sunny perspective:

- Breathing Exercises. Inhale and exhale as much air as you physically can. Repeat until a sense of calm returns.

- Change Your Environment. Take a moment to find a new space with a new energy and soak it in. Consider visiting a museum, library, or sitting in your car with your favorite tunes!

- Nature Bath. Put away your technology devices briefly and walk through a park, sit near a moving body of water, stand in solitude at an open clearing. These are all ways to surround yourself in nature and absorb the clarity it can offer you.

Better to understand your bodily map of emotion so you can more easily navigate towards continuous progress.

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