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Let's Flip Cancel Culture.

It's been a polarizing topic: #cancelculture.

But I had a thought recently, "are we really cancelling people and experiences or simply pushing things away that don't bring us comfort?"

Let's think about it. We don't like something so we bury it deep out of our psyche. We don't like how a person or their idealism makes us feel, so we push it away from our everyday existence. And thus, we adopt the term #cancelculture.

But as an entrepreneur, we can't always afford the luxury of resisting something simply because of a disagreement or misunderstanding, it has a direct link to our business and thus, livelihoods. What if we expanded a different approach and considered comfort?

It's interesting the amount of articles and advice to "live outside your comfort zone," including the gospels given by yours truly; yet, how we want our audiences and customers to feel when interacting with us is to be comfortable.

What if instead of a #cancelculture, we promoted a mindset of authenticity and comfort? As entrepreneurs and consumers, I think we could empower ourselves and those in our orbits to seek out what brings us comfort. But does not necessarily make us comfortable.

Comfort is action oriented and can include reaching beyond your existing comfort zones. Whereas, being comfortable is passive and encourages complacency. As entrepreneurs, we can strive to empower our audiences to meet us at the intersection of comfort and questioning their own comfort zones. We wouldn't want them to feel complacent because then we risk losing their connection with our brands. So if we push continuous comfort, even stretching their definition of comfort, it creates a cycle of active engagement rather than passive interest.

Maybe, just maybe, we could move beyond a place of #cancelculture and into a new mindset of #comfortculture that could also include new experiences beyond one's comfort zone. In life like in business, we learn from our experiences and adapt. Adapting to something new can always find a way to leave us with an enriching memory.

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