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It's All In Your Head

The headline is a popular phrase often used for both sides of the coin. Positively speaking, it's often said to encourage someone out of their mental blockage. Negatively speaking, it's used to discount someone's lived experience. Obviously, I prefer the former. So let's see how getting out of your head can help make waves for greater clarity and creativity.

  1. Organize. And no, I don't mean the typical organization of perfectly lining up shoes that have piled together on the floor. Categorize and organize thoughts. Some of our technologies offer this feature through the use of bookmarks. If you see something that peaks your interest, bookmark it. And if you want to earn even more points, organize your bookmarks in folders. This way your sites don't look like the pile of shoes that's been in your peripheral for a while now. Done. More headspace.

  2. Write It And Forget It. Whenever a thought is repeatedly reminding you to remember it, why choose to torture yourself in recalling the memory at every junction? Write it down. Know where you wrote it down. And move along. Boom, more headspace.

  3. Do Something Mindless. You know how we watch certain shows or spend time scrolling for hours? We do this because our brain needs a rest from the critical processes it does day in and day out. So allow yourself permission to mindlessly wander in your thoughts. Turn your brain into an imagination station. More headspace.

  4. Seek Out Visual Stimulation. There's a science behind seeing things that are visually appealing. It boosts stimulation and retention. Soak in the visual signals happening from your neurons. More headspace.

  5. Breathe. I wrote about this previously but it's very true to simply breathe. Deter email apnea from happening to you. Be aware of how you're breathing, when and where you're breathing. It physically and mentally sets the pace for productivity and performance. More headspace.

In life as in business, you'll find the power of headspace isn't some "self help" talk. It's a daily practice to ensure your tasks and goals are being met using the most efficient and effective methods. Allow yourself the space to create more headspace so you can in turn create even more success.

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