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How the Changing Leaves Color the Seasons of Business

My favorite tree is a Magnolia. Sometimes a Birch or Oak. But definitely a Magnolia with its oversized buds and platter-sized white florals. However, these varieties aren't the seasonal leaves made popular by the New England countryside during this time of year.

These varieties thrives in a warmer climate down South but they aren't any less affected by the changing seasons. And with each seasonal change is the impact on the tree's blossom. Like nature, each season greatly impacts how your business will blossom or bear fruit from one season to the next.

Spring - Trees bud here. You implement your awareness and visibility campaigns. You start budding a buzz in your customer's minds.

Summer - Trees bloom and blossom for all to see. This is your peak season with your heaviest foot traffic. This is when you shine.

Fall - Foliage and excess is shed. After your peak season and the pre-planning, you start to evaluate and shed what didn't work so you can have a more robust harvest next peak season.

Winter - Hibernation occurs in preparation for germination. Stockpile or reassess in time for starting your seasons all over again.

Consider this: your business seasons may not align with calendar seasons. You may have greater sales in calendar Winter and thus, your Fall is your inventory stock-up while Summer is your shedding season. You determine how to categorize your season.

How do your four seasons shape your business? Are you preparing to stock up in case winter freezes you out? Are you prepared for the surge of visibility during summer? Are you prepping for holiday-heavy Spring? And are you looking at what you may shed during Fall?

Let the changing season guide your calendar of future successes.

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