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Hot Girl Summer? How about BossLady Summer.

Today is the official start of Fall. And even though marketers like myself celebrated the unofficial start of the fall season with PSL day, it wasn't official until today. And what a summer it has been. Hot girl--err, Hawt BossLady Summer, dare I say.

Many women were summer's spotlight. Yet, some would have you think otherwise:

- Women left the workforce in droves, mostly for at-home care of families

- Industries hit the hardest by the pandemic are disproportionately employed by women

- Telecommuting jobs greatly disadvantaged women as these jobs are mostly held by men

Sourced: Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Report

Okay, so enough about that. Let's talk revelations about BossLady Summer.

- Professional women, especially women over age 50, got their well-earned self-reflecting magazine cover from VOGUE while our golden gals made Forbes 50 over 50 Impact List

- More women than men started small businesses during the pandemic

- Women excelled at leadership crisis management during the pandemic

Sourced: VOGUE Magazine, Forbes, SBA Women, Harvard Business Review

This summer may have produced record-shattering temperatures, but it doesn't hold a candle to the shattered glass sealings produced by a lot of BossLadies. And to these BossLadies, I say, cheers to you and your fellow BossLadies too!


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