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February Favors The Brave

If you're a Broadway musical devout like myself, maybe this lyric from AIDA rings a bell, "Fortune favors the brave." Or perhaps you're versed in Latin proverbs where this phrase is known to have originated. It sounds like the focus is on the fortuitous outcome but it really emphasizes the journey and the steps along the way.

What moments of courage have you taken so far this month? How have you been brave? This month is steeped in moments of courage and forward movement. We celebrate the stories of courage and fortune in our shared Black History. We celebrate the ones we love and the fortunes their daily presence brings to our lives on Valentine's Day. We seek out and hope for favor (and actual favors, ha) during Lunar New Year celebrations. February is a bedrock of moments to re-ignite your fortune, especially if your January resolutions need resolving.

It may be just another month on our annual calendars but the steps you take during the month can be the launchpad for the remainder of the calendar year. In business like in life, brave actions can be foretelling of the favor you want to magnetize.

Consider what you want to magnetize. Greater visibility? Be brave in your storytelling and online content. Increased traffic? Be brave in your offerings. Converting customers? Be brave in your promotions.

This month, celebrate February not only for the love of fortune but also for seeking favor within yourself and your industry. So I ask again, how have you been courageous in fulfilling your own fortune?

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