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And The Academy Award Goes To...


"You like me! You really like me!" were the memorable words excitedly uttered by Sally Field upon accepting her Oscar. But before she could proclaim her validation and gratitude for being bestowed such an honor, she and her team went to work ensuring she was ready to rise to this moment. I don't mean her natural acting talents but in her image. Her brand.

She readied herself with a publicist. Manager. Agent. Hair & Makeup Team. Stylist. Lawyer. All of these individuals valuable in their own rights, but collectively, they're a powerhouse.

Any powerhouse personality, public figure, or popular brand is usually equipped with such an elemental team. Well, reserve the need for hair and makeup, maybe. But legacy brands that capture a significant amount of brand market share have the capacity to engage their powerhouse teams to ensure they're staying relevant and rewarded in customer loyalty. Seemingly with this overwhelming reality, how could any entrepreneur compete with such a formidable creative force?

One word: glamour. In the recent edition of The Noteworthy I spotlight how glamour is the essence to any brand formulation. It's not to be synonymous with only a luxury lifestyle or luxury goods but should correlate in how one carries oneself. If you want a brand to live up to the esteem you desire it to be, then you must embrace your brand as glamorous.

Select glamourous fonts. Select glamorous colors. Compose a glamorous narrative. Be glamourously authentic. Carve your niche following and remind them that by association with your brand, their life can also be glamorous. And you'll soon find you were your own glam-squad all along.

In chasing the glamorous life, as in chasing your entrepreneurial success, be sure to assemble what fosters a glamorous brand and any future golden awards can too be yours.

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