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A Reso-what?


Studies show 80 percent of New Year's resolutions break by the end of January.

Typically in January my days are filled with schedules, plans, and endless to-do lists--all based off my resolutions. Weeks later those resolutions turn into revisions that ultimately become revisits. Or to put it more plainly, reso-when-I-get-to-it. Ha.

I've come to recognize that the Friends tv show was right. When you feel backed into a corner, "pivahhht." In entrepreneurship as in life, use that right side of your brain a bit more to formulate creative solutions.

Where are you with your resolutions? If broken, no need to be on the down and out. January is also known as Tryuary. Give yourself permission to go in a different direction than originally planned. Rinse and repeat. Resolve to try again. Allow yourself a pivot.

As for February, approach the month with a renewed outlook: Favorable February!

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