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A Little Late But Worth The Wait


How many times in life have you flustered yourself trying to do all the things for an arbitrary deadline you've set for yourself? It goes something like this: You arrange all the details. Organize all that you think you need. The "deadline" for the task completion looms over your thinking processes. You approach the deadline only to have life get in the way. Then streams of disappointment and frustration wash over you. You finish the task with dread realizing it's after this self-imposed deadline. And then the cycle repeats itself.

It's forever this hampster wheel of life we've created for ourselves. And if you're an entrepreneur, it's even more magnified. Deadlines are everywhere, in every waking view of your life. And you love it. But those moments of tardiness still have a lingering sting to the successful completion of the next task.

So how do we rid ourselves of this rut? Well, many would say, to better this, to improve that, to refocus this, and reprioritize that. And I agree with all of it. But you know what else I also agree with? Permission.

Giving yourself permission to be a little late. Giving yourself permission to let the wheels of the universe dictate your hands of time. In life like in business, especially self-made business, you get to play Oz. You're in the director's chair. You get to shape the narrative for your work being done. So maybe this last time, you were late. And if instead your time was eclipsed with experiencing another few moments of being present in life, then I'd say that moment in being late was well worth the wait.

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