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BE Creative. B-E Creative. That's how the cheer goes, right? And in today's ever-evolving world, that should be an everyday mantra. Being creative is no longer simply reserved for the artsy, and well, creative types. Today, we must approach every situation, every challenge, every decision from a creative mindset that affords us to stay current. Year 2020 may have felt like the worst year but for the businesses that prevailed, it wasn't luck that kept them in operation.  They adapted. They exhibited tenacity. They focused. They showed grit. They got creative. They survived. 

Hi! I'm Tisha. Founder and Chief Creative behind Breadcrumbs Creative that offers dynamic facilitation, coaching, and creative professional services to new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-spirited organizations. I help  

young businesses elevate their existing plans by customizing creative strategic models that use classic marketing frameworks with a twist. Most excitingly, I've been referred to as Mary Poppins for entrepreneurs because of my joyful style and creative approach to problem solving. I'd love to bring my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious style to you!

Let's, together, construct a creative plan that not only empowers you

to survive unforeseen pivots and achieve your goals but also, to thrive

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